all sessions taught by Vital coaches

$40Per Month

Suitable For :

Age 12+
Intermediate Level & Above

Live Content :

2 x 40 min coaching sessions per week

Personalized Email Feedback after every session

On Demand Content :

Each week's previous LIVE sessions
Library of over 30 skill specific instruction videos
Daily 6 minute workouts, Mon - Sat

Live Schedule :

Live Thursdays @ 6.30pm Central
Live Tuesdays @ 6.30pm Central

Member Benefits :

20% off all Guest Programs
Affiliate Program to win Lululemon Gear
Discounts on various Stick & Equipment Brands

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Program Details

Vital Member Programming

The Vital Members program focuses on developing the fundamental hockey skills and movements that will allow you to impact the game in any position.

These will include:
Passing Techniques
Agility Training
Match Fitness Protocols
3D Skills
Open & Reverse Trapping
Tackling Techniques
Elimination Combinations

Guest Program : Leap Hockey

Week 1: Principles of Passing & Elimination
Week 2: Principles of Goalscoring & Defending
Week 3: Advanced Passing & Elimination
Week 4: Advanced Goalscoring & Defending

Awards & Prizes for:
Most Committed Player
Most Improved Player
Highest Performing Player

Each session will be available On-Demand in your user account for the following 12 months.


Get access to TWO live workouts next Tuesday & Thursday at 6.30pm Central Time (USA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need, to participate in a LIVE session?

Not much! You'll need:
- A stick and ball
- A clear space around 6ft x 6ft
- A device (smart phone, tablet or computer) that can download the Zoom App
- A Zoom Account (they are free to sign up for)

What if I can't make a LIVE session?

No problem! Each session will be available on-demand on your dashboard within 24 hours of live version, so you can complete it in your own time.

How does this fit with school / college / club training?

Vital Hockey sessions are designed to be an ADDITION to your regular hockey training.

The focus is on your individual skills, to help you maximize the opportunities you have to play with others.

Do I need to be part of a team to sign-up?

No - Vital Hockey coaching sessions are designed to be an individual activity to help improve your game. Being able to invite and see your teammates in a session is a great bonus if you wish - but by no means necessary!

Can I switch programs?

Yes you can. The program age ranges are a rough guide but if you are finding the sessions too tough or too easy you can ask to move up or down. Our coaches will view your footage and make a recommendation.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, for Vital Membership you join a Monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time. Our Guest Programs are charged as a One-Time Fee.

Which payments do you accept?

We accept online payments through major debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

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