Skill Drills : Master The Ball

The ball is WILD!! You need to learn to tame it.
These skill drills are the basis of our Vital Workouts.
Practicing them at home will help you either get up to speed with the rest of our members, or forge ahead.  
Gain a whole new level of ball control and options when get on the field.

V Pulls

One of the most important skills to develop, moving the ball in these directions will give time, space and passing options all over the field.

The best male player in the world, Arthur Van Dooran uses this often during a game.

Fundamental  |  Dribbling  |  3D

In & Out Lifts

Improve your 3D skills, ball control in the air and most importantly your footwork.

This drill will teach you to control the trajectory of small lifts to help you eliminate opponents.

Fundamental  |  Dribbling  |  3D

Wide Pulls

Increase your speed, power and agility with this single leg focused drill.

Learning to move the ball large lateral distances will elevate your game to the next level.

Fundamental  |  Speed  |  Power

Alternating Spins

Spins moves are a great way to make space for a shot on goal or win a penalty corner.

This drill will help you develop the ability to spin both ways to set up forehand and backhand shots.

Spins |  Agility  |  Backhand

Right Foot Drag & Hitback

This move combines skills together to allow you to move the ball across your body at high speed under control.

Practice this to develop your drags and reverse side control.

Combo  |  Ball Speed |  Body Position

Open Lift & Hold

Master ball control in the air - this drill teaches the ball balance and correct body position needed to execute 3D skills at a high level.

Fundamental  |  Balance  |  3D